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Cloud Perspectives expanded our offerings to support organizations culture change for modern secured IT digital development and support (DevSecOps). We authored an Executive Update with Cutter Consortium, DevSecOps: Driving Culture Change with Metrics

This is an innovative take on the application of metrics to workplace transformation, and the successes to come from incorporating the DevSecOps lifecycle, ensuring security is an integral part of your organizational culture and planned accordingly. Cloud Perspectives looks forward to helping companies on this cultural journey.

Located just outside Ottawa, Canada (Silicon Valley North), we offer a wide variety of cloud computing services in education, consulting, and step-by-step implementation with our partners.

Our neutral third-party perspectives help you maximize return-on-investment and manage risks from cloud computing, and other major Information Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives.

Our focus is helping organizations and governments change the way they do business on a cultural landscape by leveraging current technologies, automating where practical, and securing the solutions.

We are helping the Canadian federal government in its Open Data, Open Source, and Ethical AI strategies. We are defining and influencing international cloud computing practices with: NIST (National Institute of Standards for Technology), OMG (Object Management Group), ITU-T (International Telecommunications Union), TM )Tele-Management) Forum, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), IEEE and ISO/IEC. We don’t just read the cloud guidelines, we help write and direct them!

Industry interests and priorities where we offer key services to accelerate maturities and competencies:

  • People: Culture, trust, sharing, Open Data, DevSecOps
  • Technology: OpenStack, Open Source, Blockchain, IoT, AI, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, SDN/NFV, Automation
  • Process: Methods, workflows, governance
  • Compliance: Security, privacy, GDPR, audit, geo-jurisdictions

We support cloud providers, cloud consumers, cloud brokers, and cloud carriers

Cloud Perspectives helps companies maximize Return on Investment (ROI) by saving money and reducing risks when planning and managing cloud computing opportunities. Cloud Perspectives are international leaders pushing the cloud computing world with standards and structured approaches.

Our world-wide partners provide various cloud computing product solutions that are right for you at the right time, and at the right cost. In the past 2 years, we have been partnering with Galorath Incorporated, to further mature cloud computing estimation competencies. Learn more about Steve’s perspective on utilizing the Galorath SEER tools to generate realistic cloud estimates.

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Always happy to coordinate meetings, onsite work sessions, and regional workshops on various ICT subject areas.

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