DevSecOps: Driving Culture Change with Metrics

Cloud Perspectives – Supporting Organizational Culture Change into DevSecOps

Cloud Perspectives expanded our offerings to support organizations culture change for modern secured IT digital development and support (DevSecOps). We authored an Executive Update with Cutter Consortium, DevSecOps: Driving Culture Change with Metrics

This is an innovative take on the application of metrics to workplace transformation, and the successes to come from incorporating the DevSecOps lifecycle, ensuring security is an integral part of your organizational culture and planned accordingly. Cloud Perspectives looks forward to helping companies on this cultural journey.

The opportunities to innovate and use cloud services are abundant, and important. Swift adaptation of the cloud is necessary in the current landscape, and finding, buying, and developing the right solutions won’t be a quick fix.

Cloud Perspectives offers a series of articles and services, helping organizations avoid the mistakes made by others, buyer’s remorse, all while securing, innovating, and optimizing IT services.

Many organizations and governments have been quickly embracing and leveraging a variety of cloud services to enable virtual offices and innovation for survival.

Cloud Perspectives has been collecting information, analyzing, helping organizations be innovative, flexible, resilient, secure, compliant, and cost-effective with their IT practices post COVID-19.

Upcoming Cloud Perspectives articles and virtual service offerings include:

  • Culture change in a virtual cloud enabled world (policies, workflows, accountability, balancing)
  • Common vocabularies and standards keys to expedite innovation and value realization in 2020
  • Getting the right mix of public and private cloud services to manage risks and costs
  • Regulatory and policy compliance – what you need to ask and understand
  • Geo-Jurisdictions, Resiliency, Flexibility, Security, & Privacy Post COVID-19
  • Data and processing sovereignty lessons learned and impacts to Open Source and Open Data
  • DevOps and DevSecOps automation to innovate and manage
  • Fact-based IT and cloud management (planning, migration, development, operation)
  • Audit and Accountability (evaluation – approval – compliance – governance – optimization)
  • Post COVID-19 International standards “in this together”  
  • Cloud and Multi-Cloud Connectivity – Options and Risks in 2020 and Beyond
  • Death of secured perimeters and birth of secured, segmented connectivity access by design

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