Cloud computing offers tremendous opportunities and return-on-investment, however, you need to approach this carefully, with a focus on goals and objectives.

For organizations to maximize value and mitigate risks, you need a process to prioritize, analyze and plan for the cloud. This includes managing and demonstrating results quantitatively, rather than subjectively.

Business Analysis, industry frameworks, methods, techniques and tools provide significant complementary information that can be used many ways to simplify data collection and analysis. Many of the tools are easily integrated and can be calibrated and configured to satisfy specific areas of interest and focus.

Key Questions are:

  • Is cloud computing right for your organization or application(s)?
  • Which applications will have the highest payback from the IT and business perspectives?
  • Are there specific functional and business opportunities?
  • Where are the risks and can they be mitigated?
  • Where are the boundaries of responsibility?
  • How do we plan and estimate for the cloud migration?
  • How do we plan and estimate, if developing services?
  • What types and methods for the cloud are your best alternatives?
  • Is cloud computing only applicable to Greenfield development for you?
  • What are key considerations for accountability, governance and SLAs?
  • What are key considerations for privacy, security and policy?
  • What are key cultural considerations internally and externally
  • Can you demonstrate and quantify our return-on-investment and values realized?

Cloud Perspectives offers a variety of cloud analysis offerings, from a corporate cultural readiness perspective to a lower level of detail, highlighting specific business sets of data and functions (including middleware and services) that need special cloud considerations. This plan and roadmap for cloud computing; helps focus and drive your cloud initiative to realize real benefits, while managing risks.  Our cloud assessment contains over 800 questions and considerations, customized based upon your organizations particular focus and expectations.

Using industry proven models, tools and frameworks, Cloud Perspectives is uniquely positioned to analyze and provide vendor neutral, third party advice for your cloud computing initiatives, to maximize return-on-investment and mitigate risk.

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