Cloud computing offers tremendous opportunities, including improving the IT delivery of services.  Measurement is one the five essential cloud characteristics, leading to better transparency, higher predictability, resulting in confident delivery on commitments, based upon quantitative analysis.

Cloud Providers benefit from leveraging mature measurement to improve predictions based on past experiences.  Cloud Consumers have increased confidence that plans are realistic, pricing models are fair, overall cloud benefits can be realized and quantified, justifying their cloud and ICT investments.

Functionality and features are core considerations in cloud computing, as services are continually being consumed, configured, tested, developed, integrated, supported and on-boarded.  In the Internet of Things, world innovation will be at the forefront, largely around value- and customer-focused service, delivery and experiences.

This is not limited to cloud consumers, but is also for cloud providers, carriers, brokers, and even auditors.  Categorization of cloud services and collecting meaningful properties and metrics of interest around such services provides a foundation for service agreements, improved cloud planning and quantified governance.

Cloud Perspectives provides global insights to help answer questions such as:

  • What is the improved rate for developers when using a given PaaS product?
  • What is the improved time-to-market when using a given PaaS product?
  • What was the cost savings realized by the SaaS business users?
  • What is the time-to-market advantage for a subset of SaaS solutions?
  • What are the cost savings realized by the consumer of IaaS solutions?
  • Did the customer experience improve or realize quantifiable benefits after the SaaS deployment?
  • What services need the highest priority, special considerations or have higher risk profiles?
  • What are the core performance considerations and what functions are impacted?
  • What are the cost considerations for various OSI layers of service functionality vs SDN/ NFV service functions?
  • What SDN or NFV functions can provide the best returns from IT investments?
  • What other business or technical benefits and risks need to be considered, potentially modelled?
  • What are realistic commitment dates, services, costs, quality and service levels?
  • What should we request or negotiate for with our providers and partners?
  • What are key considerations for accountability, governance and SLAs?
  • What are key considerations for privacy, security and policy?
  • Can you demonstrate and quantify return-on-investments and values realized?

Cloud Perspectives offers a variety of cloud analysis offerings, to improve delivery on commitments from an internal perspective and demonstrate savings from appropriate comparative analysis. 

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