Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation Cultural Change

Cloud computing and digital transformation are, first and foremost, initiatives relating to major (and often disruptive) changes to organizations so that they can fully realize the benefits from the new digital eco-system as consumers and even as providers.

Cloud computing is now a mainstream option, where; when effectively planned, architected and used, can result in significant cost savings, reducing time-to-value and reducing risk.  

Likewise, effectively digitizing information and leveraging advancing technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, can enable businesses, customers, governments and citizens to benefit from the innovation offered within the new digital and virtual economy.

The roles, responsibilities and accountabilities must be clear and transparent, especially recognizing the shared responsibilities in this new digital and virtual economy.  Defining such accountabilities and activities is not limited to technology stakeholders, but also includes business lines, procurement, and even legal considerations.

The new digital and virtual environments are a chain of complex custodies and responsibilities that often cross geo-jurisdictions and political boundaries.  Risks and benefits must be continually analyzed, monitored and governed from inception to decommissioning. 

Education, collaboration and cooperation are key to incrementally change the behavior and culture of enterprises and agencies impacted.  Cloud Perspectives accomplishes this with our customers, through facilitated working sessions with multi-disciplinary teams to engage stakeholders, driving executable outcomes and workflow activities that are efficient, effective, executable and realistic.    

The real hurdle in the digital virtual eco-system of 2020 is not the technology, but the culture surrounding the technology.

Some of the stakeholder and activity implications are modelled as follows:

Security is, and will continue to be, a major concern in the new eco-system, where trust is paramount. 

Some of the enabling technologies have been architected with a “security first” foundation.  Other solutions are designed with an innovation and functional focus where security and risk tolerances must be evaluated and mitigated appropriately. 

Governance and metrics also play critical roles, to continually monitor and take proactive actions, while getting teams to focus on the “right things” at the “right time”.

The Cloud Perspectives team will skillfully help your business navigate the cultural change in the integration of the cloud and digital innovation. We specialize in security and privacy, and ensuring process changes are implemented smoothly, with full understanding and team unity. Cloud Perspectives’ cultural change and readiness services will help to accelerate change and time-to-value, will save money, and lower risks.

The specialists, methods, models and tools offered by Cloud Perspectives help you execute and realize the benefits from the cloud digital economy, while incrementally accelerating the cultural change that is needed to be successful.

Our team includes experts on: metrics, estimation, enterprise architectures, migration, cloud IaaS/ PaaS/ SaaS, DevSecOps, open source, security, privacy, audit, agile, procurement, service agreements, service level agreements, testing, management, blockchain, AI, governance, networking and cultural and behavioral change. The Cloud Perspectives team leads technology and standards communities, identifying strategic directions, challenges and opportunities, while developing content for international consumption.

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