BrightTalk- Multi-Cloud Separating the Hype from Reality

Join Steve On March 23rd 2021 at 9am (EDT) for his session on Multi-Cloud, a New Reality.

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The multi-cloud marketing machine is at full power.

Many cloud customers are becoming overwhelmed. Separating the “hype” from “reality” can be challenging, especially when terms such as “multi-cloud” are being used with different definitions and perspectives.

Multi-cloud perspectives, options and updates from some of the standards groups addressing multi-cloud will be highlighted.

A sample set of scenarios will be described where multi-cloud expectations might not meet reality, where careful analysis must be performed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A taxonomy model will be discussed with an approach to evaluate and govern multi-cloud journeys, while aligning back to business outcomes.

BrightTalk- Embracing EA and Standards to Innovate and Transform Cultures

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Part of every technology innovation roadmap seems to include People – Process – Technology foundational pillars. What is not well understood is how Enterprise Architectures (EA) support organizations in their strategic journeys to digitize and innovate, while nudging the culture to embrace change. Appropriate standardization is likewise required to be interoperable, portable, transparent, repeatable, efficient, effective, and secure. Steven discusses the DevSecOps and Cloud2.0 opportunities, the cultural challenges and how EA can “ease the pain” and reduce risk. Many EA frameworks share common elements that are widely recognized as foundational pieces of information

Carnegie Mellon University- Software Engineering Institute

October 1st 2020
Streamed online

Steve participated in Carnegie Mellon University’s DevSecOps Days 2020, presenting Delivering DevSecOps Value Faster? Use Metrics and Standards
Watch the session HERE


January 19-22nd 2020
Honolulu, USA

Photo by Kristin Curran

Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference hosted the PTC20 event at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu. The conference encompasses many facets of the telecommunications industry, from submarine cables to satellites, from AI to culture, and everything in between. Steve presented on the Edge/Cloud Innovation, Adoption, and Infrastructure Financing panel on Monday, January 20th, stressing the pendulum swing of edge computing and the unique enabling capabilities the telcos offer to secure and perform well at the edge.


August 6th 2019, August 7th 2019
Canberra, Australia

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Steve was in Canberra attending the Cyber Security in Government 2019 Conference and Exhibition, where the take home message is to “Think before Cloud.” Fully understand the process of migrating away from an original Cloud Service Provider, to avoid surprise financial and security risks.


June 11th 2019
Ottawa, Canada

Photo by Mingjun Shan

Steve spoke at the Ottawa Cloud Security Meetup, and presenting “Key Cloud Computing Considerations in 2020 and the Impact on Security”.

Steve’s slides from the Meetup:


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May 20th to May 24th 2019
Espoo, Finland

Steven will be in Helsinki for the ISO/IEC SC7 (Software Systems) standards meetings, and focusing on quality assurance and metrics to reflect the new technology such as: containers, micro-services, blockchain, AI, all the while considering the privacy and security aspects which must have internal solutions designed from the beginning stages.


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May 16th 2019, May 17th 2019
Rome, Italy

Steven Woodward is leading the FP211A IFPUG advanced functional sizing workshop in Rome, Italy om May 16 and will be presenting about how to apply the IFPUG method to AI, and presenting about driverless cars on May 17.

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