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Mid-September 2019
Iceland and Sweden


June 11th 2019
Ottawa, Canada

Photo by Mingjun Shan

Steve spoke at the Ottawa Cloud Security Meetup, and presenting “Key Cloud Computing Considerations in 2020 and the Impact on Security”.

Steve’s slides from the Meetup:


Photo by Baptiste Valthier on Pexels.com

May 20th to May 24th 2019
Espoo, Finland

Steven will be in Helsinki for the ISO/IEC SC7 (Software Systems) standards meetings, and focusing on quality assurance and metrics to reflect the new technology such as: containers, micro-services, blockchain, AI, all the while considering the privacy and security aspects which must have internal solutions designed from the beginning stages.


Photo by Mark Neal on Pexels.com

May 16th 2019, May 17th 2019
Rome, Italy

Steven Woodward is leading the FP211A IFPUG advanced functional sizing workshop in Rome, Italy om May 16 and will be presenting about how to apply the IFPUG method to AI, and presenting about driverless cars on May 17.


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